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Interview with Mike Cherenson

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By Ed Nicholson

Many of the people reading this know I’ve been rather critical of PRSA National for a few years.  I think they’ve missed a huge opportunity to use social media tools to connect a passionate, technologically savvy community of PR practitioners.  All the while, the organization has been churning out PD seminars, webinars and the like focusing on how how social media are changing the way organizations relate to their stakeholders.  Made me ask the question, “Are they listening to what they’re preaching?”

Today I came across this interview with Michael Cherenson, the ’09 PRSA Chair, recorded during the national conference in Detroit. Sounds like an intelligent, visionary guy.  I was excited by the plans he laid out, but was particularly interested when he mentioned plans for a “new website,” with true interactive functionality. 

Godspeed, Michael.  I’ll always be loyal to PRSA.  The best part of what I use in my practice every day came as a result of my membership.  Lots of great things happen at the PRSA Chapter and District level.  But I’m ready to regain that old feeling that the not-insignificant national dues are worth every dollar I’ve invested. 



Written by Ed Nicholson

January 16, 2009 at 1:49 pm

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