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Social Networking Averts a Disaster — A True Facebook Story

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The following story really happened at the PRSA/SPJ holiday party the other night. I’m changing the names of the participants so as not to reveal too much information about nights out at Fayetteville bistros.

As the evening at the party room was coming to a close – and as one contingent was contemplating a move to the next venue – the waiter told us that Zephyr had left her debit card at the cash register. Zephyr had departed the gathering about an hour earlier and apparently was unaware of her oversight. So we looked among ourselves and wondered if anyone had Zephyr’s phone number. No one did. What to do?

Our friend Zinfandel knew exactly what to do. She pulled out her iPhone, not to make a phone call, but to go to her Facebook page. Zinfandel and Zephyr are Facebook friends, so Zinfandel simply wrote on Zephyr’s wall that she had the debit card and would be glad to arrange a handover the next day.

Later that night, Zephyr logged onto her Facebook page and saw the message. She responded on Zinfandel’s wall, thanking her and telling her where they could meet the next day to turn over the debit card. Another Facebook miracle.


Written by daveedmark

December 5, 2008 at 4:45 pm

Social Networking in Plain English

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There is a video online that explains in less than two minutes how and why social media exist. Interestingly enough, I was alerted to it on my Facebook site where it popped up after being linked by a fellow in Chattanooga whom I haven’t even seen since he moved away from here about 20 years ago. So the system is the solution, or something to that effect.

tlw update: embeds youtube link

Written by daveedmark

December 5, 2008 at 10:54 am


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Jason Kintzler has a built a really interesting community of social media PR types in a ning environment at   1150 members as of this writing.

Written by Ed Nicholson

December 4, 2008 at 5:12 pm